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Five Reasons to Buy a New Home in El Paso

There are a number of reasons why El Paso home buyers would want a new home over a used home. The idea of owning your very own, never-used home can excite anyone. However, many home buyers never consider buying a new home. Buyers in the El Paso area actually have some of the best reasons to buy a new home. Lets look at some of those reasons.

1. Better Construction Quality - Contrary to popular belief new homes are actually made to withstand more stringent construction standards, codes, wind loads and energy efficiency requirements than many older or used homes. Anyone who has experienced an El Paso wind storm is going to want to make sure that their home is made to the highest construction standards.

2. Energy Efficiency - Following the same line as point 1, improved construction standards have greatly increased energy efficiency of new homes over that of typical used homes. In 2016, the state of Texas passed it's first energy efficiency code requirements even furthering the energy usage discrepancy between typical new and used homes. At Rassette Homes we go above and beyond energy code requirements to bring you some of the most energy efficient homes in El Paso. All of our homes come with spray foam insulation, an engineered HVAC system and much more. The average Housing Energy Rating Score (HERS) of a Rassette Homes is a 57!

3. Central Heating and Cooling - Anyone who has grown up in El Paso is probably familiar with the struggles of keeping cool in the summer heat with an evaporator cooler aka the "swamp cooler". When you buy a new home from Rassette you can say good by to all the frustrating and sweaty summer days. All of our homes come with standard central heating and cooling.

4. New Everything - Just like buying a used car, used homes also run the risk of having a previous owner that skipped out on regular maintenance. Buying a new home takes out the "gamble" that most used home buyers have to make. When buying a Rassette Homes you can rest easy that you just purchased one of the sturdiest, energy efficient homes in all El Paso backed by an amazing new home warranty.

5. Stylish Features - Purchasing a new Rassette Home means receiving the most up-to-date amazing home features at the best cost. While fixer-uppers seem like a great idea on TV, in reality they tend to cost much more money and take much more time to complete than the 30 minutes depicted in the shows. Buying a new home means NO renovating and NO money pits, just YOUR home the way YOU want it. Some great standard features included in all Rassette Homes are granite counter-tops throughout, Tile flooring in all common areas, shower tile surrounds to the ceilings, recessed lighting and your choice of multiple styles of oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel fixtures.