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Healthy Homes - What is your home made of?

Updated: Mar 30

* Update 2/14/20 Rassette Homes is now offering Microban door hardware as a standard feature in our new homes. This technology helps fight the growth of bacteria and microbes in one of the most touched items in your home: the door handle. For more information click here.

Just like great tasting dishes are made with the highest quality ingredients, the same is said for great homes. While a quality dish may only last an evening, a home is meant for a lifetime. The question is, do you put more importance in your meals then you do your home?

The truth is that many of the materials used in home construction bring along with them chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. These include allergens, irritants and in some cases carcinogens. A part from building materials, the envelope and ventilation system of the house is essential in removing and keeping allergens out of your home.

At Rassette Homes we believe in giving our home buyers a well built home made with the best ingredients. This means using:

- Lead Free Brass & PEX Plumbing Fixtures

- Greenguard certified, low-VOC drywall

- EG free, Low-VOC paint

- Non-VOC absorbent Ceramic Tile

- Green Label Plus carpets.

We design our home envelope along with our heating and cooling system to provide effective air-filtration resulting in the removal of toxins in your air.

A home builder that is willing to "cut costs' on building material and design may be exposing you and your family to inferior and hazardous materials.