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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

If you are looking for an energy efficient home in El Paso Texas but are confused about the energy rating system known as HERS, you have come to the right place. There can be a lot of misinformation when it comes to energy efficient houses and the rhetoric used in marketing them. Many home builders will make broad and nonspecific claims about the low energy consumption of their homes. You will often hear terms such as “low energy” or “green home” listed on their websites and brochures but these claims do very little to validate themselves. In order to truly understand your home’s energy efficiency, you need to ask for the Home Energy Rating Score or HERS.

But what exactly is HERS?

According to Resnet, the HERS Index is the nationally recognized scoring system for measuring a home’s energy performance. Based on the results, an energy-rated home will receive a HERS Index Score. The HERS index score can be described as a sort of miles-per-gallon (MPG) sticker for houses, giving prospective buyers and homeowners an insight as to how the home ranks in terms of energy efficiency.

How does the HERS score work?

A comprehensive HERS home energy rating, is the most in-depth energy performance assessment of a home that you’ll find. It consists of diagnostic testing using specialized equipment, such as a blower door test, duct leakage tester, combustion analyzer and infrared cameras to determine:

· The amount and location of air leaks in the building envelope

· The amount of leakage from HVAC distribution ducts

· The effectiveness of insulation inside walls and ceilings

· Any existing or potential combustion safety issues

Other variables that are taken into account include:

· Floors over unconditioned spaces (like garages or cellars)

· Attics, foundations and crawlspaces

· Windows and doors, vents and ductwork

· Water heating system and thermostats

How does the HERS score benefit you?

A lower HERS score means a lower carbon footprint home, better environmental comfort and lower energy bill! View a full list of benefits at RESNET

A typical resale home represents 130 on the HERS Index while reference home (a standard new home built in 2006) is rated at 100.

A home with a HERS Index Score of 70 is 30% more energy efficient than a standard new ho

How energy efficient are Rassette Homes

Rassette Homes makes some of the most energy efficiency homes in El Paso and we have the hers rating to prove it. RASSETTE HOMES' AVERAGE HERS SCORE IS 56.47!!