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Why Choose Rassette for your VA renovation?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Apart from being one of the only VA approved renovators in El Paso, Rassette Homes has many other reasons why you should choose us for your home renovation project.

#1) A Long History of Supporting our Millitary and Vetarans

Rassette Homes is a long time giver to the Wounded Warrior Project,Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans. Rasette Homes also offers the Heroes Program to active military and veteran new home buyers.

#2) Renovation Experience

Rassette Homes has many years or experience in VA renovations. Rassette is familiar with the paperwork and procedure necessary to use your grant. We are skilled at modifing home features to meet the demands of our disabled and handicap customers.

#3 New Home Quality

Rassette Homes is primarily a new home builder. That means we spend the bulk of our time using the newest construction standards. What does that mean for you? That means you get that same top-of-the-line construction quality in your VA renovation!